jeudi 24 octobre 2019

Free Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream Float

Free Ben & Jerrys Ice Cream Float

Ben & Jerrys is giving away 750 free bath float toys and all you need to do is hit "Get This Free Sample" button below, then complete your details in their form to receive yours in the post.

Ya know that dream you keep having where you’re floating face up in the serene waters of your local bathtub whilst also simultaneously spooning into the deLIGHTfully chunky ice cream as puppies start to fall softly from the skies? Well, this is it, minus the puppies. Because the lightest way to enjoy Ben & Jerry’s just got even lighter, with their new TUB FLOATIES!

To get your hands on one, all you have to do is fill out your details below and the lucky winners will find their free Tub Floaty sail on to their doorstep. Then, you and your Moo-phoria tubs can float merrily alongside one another in an ice cream-filled haze. So floaty. So chunky. So merry. Happy floating folks! * Name.

Follow the link below to enter the site, and complete the request form to claim your free sample in anniversary gifts. * Only. While supplies last. Allow 6-8 weeks for processing and delivery.

Once done, all you have to do is complete the participation form on the site. 
Do not hesitate to let us know as soon as you receive your free samples! 
You can translate the page if you don't understand English. 
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